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"The creative person is always creating even when there are no tools in her hands.” - Buffy Sainte-Marie

I practice mixed media art techniques that include stitching, painting, and monotype printing. These techniques create a variety of work including textile pieces and work on paper. Themes in my work include compliance, evolution, and the natural world.

Mixed media appeals to me, as anything can be included. I work with materials that already have a past story and are looking for a new life. 

    -Textile Art:  Re-used fabrics and vintage textiles lend themselves to art on many levels.  Each item has its past which you can often see in rips, patches, and paint. I use stitch, screen-printing, and other textile techniques to create this work.

     -Monotype printing: I use two printmaking methods that do not involve a press - gelatin plate printing and trace monotype.   I use items found in nature,  detritus, and handmade stencils to create marks on the plate that then transfer to paper. 

 I keep a running list of ideas and sketches for future work.  Each project goes through an experimentation phase with different materials before I settle on making the final piece. 

I live in Berkeley, CA with my partner Tom and a large golden dog named Scout.