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"The creative person is always creating even when there are no tools in her hands.” - Buffy Sainte-Marie

I work across media to express two main themes.  The first elevates non-human species to occupy the same level and importance as humans.  Both non-human animals and nature are presented in their vitality sometimes aiding, sometimes amusing the human world.  The second theme comments on contemporary events to illustrate how humans can care better for themselves, each other, and the non-human world.


2D media either on paper or canvas include watercolors, colored pencil, printmaking, pastels, collage, fiber art, and trace monotype.  3D media include book structures, assemblages, basket forms, and carved gourds.


I keep a running list of ideas and thumbnail sketches for future work.  Each project goes through intense editing, research, and experimentation before I settle on the final work.

I live in Berkeley, CA with my partner Tom and a large golden dog named Scout.

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