Gourd practice #5

With each gourd, I try a new medium. This time I attempted oil paint sticks, inktense pencils, and Golden heavy-body acrylic paint. Too many new things at once - maybe. I'm dubious about the results, but some folks like it. #gourd #painting #pyrography


This was the most fun thing I think I've ever done in a long time. In my box of practice gourds was this large bottle gourd. I covered her in purple ink which oddly enough doesn't need to be heat set. The orange spirals were done with oil paint sticks. I then covered the whole gourd with polymer medium. The beading was the most fun. I found a children's book at the library about a little gourd growing on a vine and all her friends and family start disappearing. One day, she is picked off the vine and is scared until she sees her friends + family have turned into pretty shekeres. For the string, I used Maysville carpet warp and the beads were in my stash of glass beads. She's a lovely

Gourd lesson #3

I'm very process oriented which might be another term for stubborn, but I'm not sure. If you tell me the stove is hot, I'm compelled to touch it simply to find out for myself. Nothing against you or your experiences, but I won't know until I experience it. Today, I learned two things: 1) gourds are really easy to drill through. I set my dremel on low and used the smallest drill bit and bzzzzt. You can see the effort (or lack of) in the picture below; 2) the gourd pictured was stained using leather dye from Ten Seconds Studio over a week ago. I tested it with a small Q-tip dipped in water and learned that leather dye has to be heat set too. The light oval is where I used the Q-tip. I dr

Next lesson from the gourd

Yesterday was a busy day. I set some fabric to dyeing while I worked on this gourd piece. I try not to get attached to the results because these are "practice gourds". For color, I use dye-na-flow which is a textile paint and well, I am a textile artist. Even on textiles, dye-na-flow needs to be heat set with an iron. I tested the paint on the gourd for stability. The paints still need to be heat set which means a trip to the art store for a heat gun. Fingers crossed, the colors stabilize. Here's yesterday's result. Enjoy. #gourd #pyrography #painting

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