Ideo Bookbinding Event

Greetings, Weird of me to have two posts so close together, but I wanted to share with everyone the event I did this past Thursday at Ideo. My friend Michelle works there and invited me to come over and teach bookbinding for one hour. I thought, "wait, what company allows their employees to do something fun from 4-5 on a Thursday afternoon." Quick segue - some of you know my employment history and may laugh, but whatever. My experience of working anywhere for anyone is this paternalistic, top-down, whip-cracking, dreadfully tedious and boring, or some combination of all of that. There were times where I didn't even feel like a human being. There have been some exceptions and I have ma

Roller Coaster

Just in case you forgot the song - here we go: It's been such a long time since I've posted because I've been on a roller coaster. I hate roller coasters, but I guess coping with them is something we must learn to do in this life. I was the kid who refused to scream when the roller coaster went fast on the downward slope. Then there's the sharp loop and the easy stop so you can get off the damn thing and back onto your own feet. The hard part of this ride has been worrying over friends. All of my closest friends are 16-23 years older. There was a long overdue knee replacement which has turned Lana into the bionic woman if she could get over t

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