Flax Artist in Residency

Greetings, For those of you who couldn't be there, I wanted to share last weekend's adventure with you. It was a very mellow and nice experience to sit and make books in Flax' Oakland store. I came prepared to make 8 books, but only made three. All three were this lovely fabric that I painted. One of them sold at the store last Sunday so I don't have a picture, but here's a picture of the other two. Both are smaller format books with a nice 70# drawing paper. Each book is 160 pages. The main reason I did this was to see how strangers reacted to the work. Overall, I think folks really like what I am doing and I feel inspired to keep going. I sold ten books over the weekend which was

Artist in Residency - It's real! The link above proves that it's real. I'm really doing this next weekend from noon to four. I'm absolutely thrilled. I spent yesterday in the studio preparing fabrics and thinking about paper. Today, I need to think about how to display books and fingers crossed someone buys one (or two). Here's a picture of three new books that were finished yesterday. The top books is a commercial fabric that once was beige. I used thinned textile paints to give it some color. All three of these are large format drawing books. Look forward to seeing you there. #books #artistinresidency #blockprinting #painting

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