Etsy shop open...

Greetings all, The Etsy shop is open and ready. You can access it on my website or on Etsy at April Gavin Textile Art. Etsy is an unruly stew and getting the listings to the fore is something I'm learning all about. I've listed a small sample of items but will list more in the coming month. Share the shop with your friends. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a technique I tried. The technique is called a grisaille. I subscribe to James Gurney's blog. He's an amazing painter and storyteller. He mentioned this technique in a recent video and it seemed like something I could do. I attempted the technique on Woodpecker. This is a little sloppy, but I enjoyed the drama of it..

Hang In There

Greetings, Is everyone feeling like Opossum these days? Upside down, hanging on by your tail, with an "Oh Dear!" look on your face. A lot has happened, is still happening, and feels like it will happen forever and that's just the 2020 Presidential scene. Opossum is part of my mentorship with Jane Dunnewold. In this mentorship, I've decided to tell four North American myths that I heard along the way. Jane and I are still talking about composition, size, color - pretty much everything that makes art. Jane has been beyond generous with her time and comments and I am so grateful that she took on this project with me. I won't torture you with my preliminary sketches, but I will share with

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