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Books + bowls

Greetings, Over the weekend I took a fantastic class at Kala with instructor Elaine Chu. Elaine is a super enthusiastic teacher who really loves her craft(s). We made two books and folded an origami bowl. First, she had us paint a large-ish sheet of watercolor paper with F+W acrylic inks. This was a lot of fun and brought up some creative juice. We then cut our paper into thirds. The first third was our bound book of roughly 32 pages. The second was pamphlet of 14 pages. The third was the bowl.

Yesterday in my studio, I added the crow and lettering to my bound book. I also folded about 15 new bowls out of calendars and maps. Warning origami is addictive.

I hope to take more classes with Elaine in the future. She's a woman after my own heart.

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