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Secondary Theory of Human Evolution

Humans are descended from bears! That's right. Creation theory and primate evolution take a back seat in this piece. Humans remind me more of bears than other primates. Think on it a second. We both like salmon, berries, and honey. We protect the things we love like bears do and we'd much prefer to hibernate all winter than get up and go to work. All the evidence I need to debunk primate evolution.

But, seriously, all creatures are our relatives and I needed a hug. The background was painted awhile back. I then used trace monotype to create my image. I drew directly on the back of my paper to create the image on the front. Fill in colors we're done with inkense pencils. The joy I feel in this piece is hard to contain. We'll see what I do next with this theory. Maybe we're also descended from opossums.

Everyday, I record a journal of my morning walk with Scout. The journal is from Scout's point of view and tons of fun. Some folks start their morning with a run. I start mine with art.

Scout decided to talk about me on this page.

Here, Scout wants to tell you about a cat he met ...

Currently, two pieces of work are being exhibited. My piece Scout is included in the online gallery All in the Family at the Cotuit Center for the Arts in Cotuit, MA. The virtual gallery opens today.

My piece Reflect landed in the Small Wonders exhibition at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL. The art needs to be shipped next week and opens the first week of September. My goal for 2021 was to be accepted into six exhibitions. These two bring me up to five.

Shout outs:

Buffy Sainte-Marie who I love too dearly for words has an exhibition at the Penticton Gallery in British Columbia. In 1984 she bought a computer and used it's paint program to create art. She is finally being recognized for this work.

Be composted when you die - I know this blog goes to strange, eclectic places but what were you expecting from someone who believes we evolved from bears. Natural organic reduction is already legal in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. California legislators vote on AB105 this Tuesday, August 20th. The bill has strong bi-partisan support. If passed, this will be the greenest burial option but not until 2023. I owe the earth a body and would love to be composted when it's time.

Lakota youth return home after more than a century away at Indian boarding school. This article from the news source Indianz gave me much food for thought. What was especially touching was that each of the nine children were given a chaperone on their journey from Carlisle Industrial Indian School back home to their native lands. I hope you will take time to read and see what thoughts come up for you.

Be well everyone and see you sometime soon!


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