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"Imagination is more important than knowledge.” - Albert Einstein

Art and writing are my happy places and I've been at both for a long time.  In this time, I've never met a media or word I didn't like.  My work stretches along two main themes.  The first is an absolute love of the living world that includes nature in her vivacity and vibrancy; non-human animals enjoying their own peculiar lives; and the  human world being supported by the two I just mentioned.  The second theme is how to care for each other better; and I don't mean just humans caring for each other, I mean caring about it all. 

When I was about eight, I fell in love with poetry.  I loved the way the whole meaning of a poem can hinge on just the right word in the right place.  My writing and storytelling practice aims for that sweet spot.  Yeah, sure, it's a story, but it's also about something way more. 

My art stems from my insatiable, curious imagination.  My preferred media include watercolors, colored pencil, and oil pastel.  My various wild media experiments include printmaking, collage, fiber art, and trace monotype.  3D media include book structures, assemblages, basket forms, and carved gourds.  I told you I never met a media I didn't like.  My portfolio falls into three main categories:

1. painting + illustration

2. printmaking + other exciting experiences

3. textile art

Please enjoying viewing my work.  Each piece goes through the filter of play, experimentation, and editing before I settle to make the final work.

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