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Camp 510 - stArt sewing

Greetings, I taught sewing last week at Camp 510 to children 6-10 years old. I met some super enthusiastic sewists who keep me inspired to do more teaching. We first talked about super hero power and what power they would have. Then we explored symbols to represent that power in the world. The children then had to draw that symbol on paper and develop it into fabric. They came up with some really interesting ideas:

We also did a cyanotype project over the week. We used objects from nature and their own ideas to create a variety of prints. We were blessed with a sunny day to do these items:

I'm back in the studio tomorrow to make samples for the third week of teaching which will be beginning weaving with children 6-10 years old. We'll see what comes out of it. I may even get back to my own art tomorrow.

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