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Oh and I made some art


Last weekend I tried a new technique called Beeswax Collage. Beeswax acts as both the adhesive and the finish on a piece. I really like how you can build up layers of images with the wax. I used pre-stretched canvas as my substrate.

The first is 8"x10" and is called Resilience. My usual style is minimal, but I wanted to see how much I could pack in before it became too busy. I think I went a wee too far.

The second is 5" x 7" and is called Good Morning. It's my favorite of the two mainly because it fits within my minimalist comfort zone.

My art production will likely slow down for the next month or so. Last Friday, I adopted an 11-month old puppy and he requires tons of attention. This week he learned to settle down while I worked on bookkeeping and not make a total nuisance of himself. I'll be introducing him to the studio slowly so he can spend time with me there.

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