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Mixed Media Madness


I've been getting ready for Camp 510 this summer. They asked me to teach 3 weeks this summer. I will be sending out an unusual supply list very soon so stay tuned.

One week is teaching children 6-10 how to sew. I have a hard time figuring out projects for this. The last two years I learned that this age group likes to make stuffies more than anything else. Stuffies aren't my thing - they're just pillows with faces; but if it entertains small children and entices them to sew, I'll take it.

I'm also teaching my Design from the Ground Up class for children 10-14. This year we'll do surface design on a few small pieces to get started and then work our way up into garment design. The sample below was made with artist canvas. I put down a background color with inktense pencils and then block printed it. It's lined and has a zipper. Fingers crossed the kids like it.

The third week, I will be teaching a mixed media madness class. I'm working on different things and will include some mixed media textile techniques. The samples I'm starting with are basic but tons of fun. The first is a technique called sgraffito.

This was an initial collage piece that went horribly astray. I covered it in oil sticks and then began carving with an old butter knife to the surface below.

The next two are collage pieces using just water color on canvas, cut paper, and beeswax covering. I'm not sure if I will have the younger children use beeswax. I may do it for them or use a different sealant. Any road, I hope you like.

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