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  • April Gavin

Drawing part 2


Yesterday was the last meeting of the drawing class I shared with y'all last time. I'm going to miss participating in this class, but I also think I have new direction for my own studies. I've been drawing most every day and I see improvement in my skills. Sharing 6 of the highlights from the last two weeks.

A half-decent pitcher - this was another attempt at drawing a pitcher. This one is slight better than the last.

I think this is my favorite from the whole 6 weeks of drawing. It had a number of challenges like the clear glass and the concave shell, but I did my best with my current skills. The flower is a hellebore and I really enjoyed drawing it. As Georgia O'Keeffe said, "it takes time to see a flower," she's 100% right.

The mussel encouraged me to look at other shells. I knew I was saving all these rocks and shells for some reason. The contrast of the scallop and the tangerine was fun to do. the basket is a disaster that I stopped trying to save.

Shells lead to eggs in my head so I took another shot at eggs. I also wanted to give more emphasis to the bowl to make the drawing more interesting.

More shells - I tried this composition in oil pastel, but it was not satisfying. I switched to conte' and red chalk and arrived at this. I like this a lot and will do more in this medium.

This was yesterday's effort in class. Many of you commented that you like the mango from last post. And those of you who liked the mango especially loved the effort on the butt of the mango. The butt of this particular quince was hairy which was harder to capture. Hanging out the cooler range of colors was rewarding as I tend to gravitate to warmer and more contrasting colors.

Hope y'all enjoy this round of effort. More soon.

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