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  • April Gavin

Studio Ready - Art Happening

Greetings Everyone, I'm finally back to work in my new studio and it is a dream to work in. First thing is to get my samples ready for Camp 510. My initial week of Mixed Media Madness is set. Our first task is a mixed media collage where we paint a back ground scene and add images to support our scene. This is also fun to do if you're a grown up and beginning to flex your art muscles or wanting to re-flex some muscles you've let go limp. I'm busy getting samples ready for the other three weeks of camp and new ideas are brewing all the time.

I am looking for donations for camp so send forth if you have any of these items that you need to expel from your house:

- denim (old worn out, but clean jeans)

- cotton bedsheets (old worn out, but clean)

-small scraps of flannel or quilter's batting (flannel bedsheets also work)

-cotton fabric (any color, but cotton is best for kids)

-stuffing (kids like making stuffies and this stuff isn't cheap)

Deadline for donations is Sunday, June 9th.

Here are some other projects we'll doing in Mixed Media Madness. This first one is painted watercolor paper that I then wrote a poem on. I cut the paper and wove the map strips into it. As the poem is about wild-ness and the map is a part of Northern California, I pasted a block print of Coyote. It looks difficult, but kids can do this one.

The next project is a scroll though you can't see the painted stick that holds it together. Yes, the stick is painted first. I applied textile paint to real leaves to get the leaf prints here. The writing is mine and is based on things I learned while watching Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.

The last project of the week is a fabric collage measuring 12"x 12". I picked an easy design with large pieces. Using fabric scraps - yes, indeed.

There are still spots for my class at Handcraft Studio School on Sunday, June 2nd. Children must be at least 9 years old for this class.

More good stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!

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