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A Message from George and Fresh Art


Bestus friendus maximus Michael Lownie sent me this homemade birthday card last week. It sums up how I'm doing. Some of you won't get the reference, but listen here to help yourself out.

Work has been busy, but I still have time to make art. Here's a piece I've yet to share.

This is a combination of art techniques including rubbing against a textured surface with conte' and graphite, masking, dry pigment, AND mixing dry pigment with cold wax medium. By itself, the dry pigment gives us paler color, but mix it with cold wax medium and you get darker colors. I used screen and drywall tape as stencils to get the grid and dots. You'll also see my fingerprint smudges because cold wax takes forever to dry - oops.

I also made a number of surgical masks for a friend who has family in healthcare. It's a bit weird when people in care giving have to rely on home sew-ists for protective equipment. Sewing is a super hero skill and it's never to late to learn. It's fun and the fabric stash you accumulate will never be wasted.

The non-corona news was even worse than the corona news. Documents leaked from Monsanto revealed they've known all along that their products damage crops and the environment; Donald Trump admits that if more people voted no Republican would hold power; and fill in the blank. Ugh!

Time for joy and another message from George. Blow Away was a song that George was initially embarrassed by, but later came to love. It's got this beautiful guitar opening that is un-mistakenly George and the lyrics will make you feel better. The music video is hilarious. I recommend it for the laugh.

Hang in there!


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