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Happy New Year!

I never knew that my keep on keeping on could keep going for so long, but here we are. The COVID death toll gets higher as well as the number of black men shot by police officers. We sit in the breach hoping a change of year will shift this madness. There is better news on the horizon, but I'm feeling circumspect and bracing myself for what comes next.

For 2021, I'm committing to showing my work in the world. The above piece - Adapt - was chosen for a show that opens this week at Art Works Downtown on 4th street in San Rafael. I will be one of the featured presenters for the Virtual Art Walk on Friday, January 8th at 6pm. If you need a pandemic break, let me know and I'll send you the zoom information.

This piece is 5x7 and a part of the mixed media monotype work I did earlier in 2020. It was kind of exciting to apply and have one piece accepted. My goal is to apply to at least 6 shows in 2021. Watch this space for what happens next.

One more share out before closing today. The African American Success Project that I worked on over the summer has released new videos. See here for voices from parents and students on what this project means for them. Their voices are powerful and a gift.

Stay curious, y'all and see you someday soon!


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