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Starts with a V

Greetings everyone, It has been an eventful time. To quote Zora Neale Hurston, "There are some years that question and some years that answer." Who knew that both could occur in the same space.

Today, I found out that I had a work accepted at the Ellington-White Gallery in Fayetteville, N.C. Excessive: Force, Rage, Greed as a triptych will be included in their online exhibit Art + Social Justice: Art for the People, By the People II beginning May 8th and up on their website for a year. There's still a chance that this work might be accepted at their gallery for the in-person exhibition. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In 2016, I was following the Dakota Access Pipeline protest. One particular day stirred my anger that I made a drawing and examined what lies behind the proliferation of these pipelines. These characters showed up in the drawing. Earlier this year, I developed the drawing a little more in anticipation of creating a larger textile piece.

As I was sewing my studies, the three characters took a turn. I isolated them into studies of their own. I used a heavy weight canvas and an upholstery thread to give them weight and a corresponding, emotional color to give them definition. The triptych as a whole work is 12"x38".

The larger textile work is still in development, but almost ready. It is 36" round on a vintage linen table cloth. I will be entering the piece in the Sebastopol Center for the Arts textile show this summer. Naturally, faithful reader, you will receive first viewing when ready.

The last time my birthday started with a five I was entering kindergarten. My kindergarten had a "naughty chair". It was a ladder-back chair painted traffic cone orange. I spent a lot of time in the "naughty chair". One particular time was because I wanted to sing a different song than what we were being instructed to sing. I do not remember what the song was, but I do know that it wasn't as good as the one I wanted to sing. So for my birthday, I will share with you my three favorite songs from when I was five. They are still favorites, please enjoy...

  1. why wouldn't you want to sing this? as opposed to some silly song about Johnny Appleseed or whatever they make you sing in Kindergarten;

  2. or was it this one that got me sent to the naughty chair - this would have gotten me in trouble for sure;

  3. but, it might have been this one - start the FBI file on me right away!

My birthday present from Governor Newsom was my first vaccine dose. Ugh, next day I'm barely functioning. I will plan to take time off from work after second dose. No one will want bookkeeping from me in that state.

Take it easy and be back with more soon!


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