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Working through the Milestones

It was over ten years ago that I sold my first piece of art to my friend and fellow art-maker Cam. She told me a wonderful family story involving buffalo and how North Star reminded her of her childhood.

In May 2018, my friend and co-worker Jennifer bought this drawing. Her delight and thrill at this simple drawing caught me by surprise. She hung it in her kitchen so she could always look at it.

Since then, I have sold art to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. I am so grateful to to everyone who chooses to live with my work. I hope that for those of you reading this, those pieces still give you joy.

There have been many times when someone I do not know *almost* bought my art. Either the piece was too small or somehow did not fit in their life. I am always grateful for interest and connection no matter what. It took me awhile, but I finally hit that milestone I had been waiting for. Someone I do not know and have never met bought my piece Phoebe at the 10xTieton show in the Yakima Valley.

I am thrilled, but I am also experiencing a sort of grief. I will never see this work again and have no connection to the person who purchased it. Is the piece a gift? Or the perfect piece for a bare wall in their home? I will never know. Letting go comes in fits and starts, but then I get back to work.

Open studios last month was a real success. I was excited to meet new folks, especially the artists who came by. A neighbor purchased a work for her kitchen. The next door neighbor kids came by to keep me entertained and play with my pin cushion. Oakland Art Murmur will be organizing the next open studios sometime in June.

Scout and the Space Cats is in production. My weekends and any spare time is spent drawing and painting this work. Here's a sneak peek...

The apparent bald spots are where the text will go. My goal is to have the book ready by Summer 2023. I will keep you posted.

So much work calls to me and I struggle to make the time to answer it all. Some folks think it is the dark, shadow-y places that create the best art. I think that the brilliant corner of sunshine right in front of you holds equal promise.

Enjoy the holidays and see you in the New Year!


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