Drawing part 2

Greetings, Yesterday was the last meeting of the drawing class I shared with y'all last time. I'm going to miss participating in this class, but I also think I have new direction for my own studies. I've been drawing most every day and I see improvement in my skills. Sharing 6 of the highlights from the last two weeks. A half-decent pitcher - this was another attempt at drawing a pitcher. This one is slight better than the last. I think this is my favorite from the whole 6 weeks of drawing. It had a number of challenges like the clear glass and the concave shell, but I did my best with my current skills. The flower is a hellebore and I really enjoyed drawing it. As Georgia O'Keeffe sa


Drawing - I hear a massive shudder among artists and non-artist alike. This winter I took a drawing class in order to improve my ability to

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